Series 1: Episode 8 – A Gift From The Lord

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In This Episode: Series 1, Episode 8 – A Gift From The Lord
Today’s episode follows Jill, Claire and Ilona as they share stories of their encounters with God. We hear how our guests talk to God, and the spaces and activities they feel most at peace, giving them the clarity to pray.  We learn how people suffering from dementia are impacted by the power of singing, and how God talking from spirit to spirit enables song when our mind or body are less cooperative. We also discuss how God created children, and as a gift from the Lord, they are cherished in His eyes even before they are born. Ilona shares her son, Oscar’s, simple prayer and how God’s obvious answer to it allowed him to see God’s presence tangibly. Next, Claire tells us what positives she has found during lockdown, from new connections, exercising and plans for a cookery club. She also shares the highs and lows of a recent diagnosis, and how her time with God in nature brings her happiness and calm during challenging times.   


Trigger warning 

This episode includes discussion around dementia, autism, alcohol use and lockdown. 


Resource Links 

  • Psalm 8:2 mentioned in this episode explores the importance of children praising God. 
  • Guest, Jill Newman is a former primary school music specialist who has written songs for schools/churches for Christmas, Easter and Harvest, which highlight the Christian focus behind each season. There is also a set of values – based songs for Collective Worship. Scores, lead sheets, lyrics and teachers’ notes are free to download, see
  • Jill’s  Season of Singing YouTube channel includes lyric videos of her songs. 


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