Series 1: Episode 7 – God In the Dark Times

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In This Episode: Series 1, Episode 7 – God In the Dark Times

In today’s episode, we hear from Matt and Lydia as they share their walk with God, and how their faith grew and developed with them. Matt tells us about how his love of music was born and how a special sibling relationship shaped who he is today, enabling him to understand how people are feeling, without relying on words to communicate.  Lydia and Matt share the devastating story of the death of their first daughter, Evelyn, 55 minutes after an incredibly traumatic birth. During their amazement and fear, physical pain and mental anguish, Lydia and Matt share how they turned to God in their desperation, praying for Him to help them. They share a personal and emotional account of their faith journey following Evelyn’s death, channelling a fierce mother’s love, learning to understand and connect with God and finding peace and shedding fear after some desperately dark days.

At the end of the episode, Matt plays his song 55  a deeply raw and emotional song that he composed as part of his memory and love for Evelyn. 



Trigger warning 

This episode includes discussion around autism spectrum disorders, baby loss, post-natal depression and suicidal thoughts.


Resource Links

  • Sands provides bereavement support services both nationally through its Freephone helpline, mobile app, online community and resources, and locally through a UK-wide network of around 100 regional support groups
  • Listen to Matt’s song, 55, here


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