Series 1: Episode 5 – Meet Us Where We Are

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Introduction to God’s Rollercoaster 

The God’s Rollercoaster podcast is hosted by Hazel Woodward. Hazel lives in Oxfordshire, England. She loves to learn about people’s stories, sharing in their journeys and fostering the belief that not only do our ups and downs make us who we are, but we should hold on to those things and be proud of our journey.

Come and join us – enjoy the ride!

In This Episode: Series 1, Episode 5 – Meet Us Where We Are

In this episode, we listen to 6 guests as they share stories of their encounters with God. We hear how we can determine God’s messages to us through our dreams, even if not immediately, the Lord eventually helps us discover what He is saying to us. Mark shares how the word of God came alive through prayer,  allowing him to grow in hearing the prophetic word. He also gives us some insight into his role working with prisoners, and the impact that faith can have on people, reminding us that the Lord meets us where we are.  Regardless of our situation, our backgrounds and our environment, He loves us and communicates with us in ways we can understand.

Trigger warning 


This episode includes discussion around death and prison. 

Resource Links

The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions, is a Bible-based guide to interpreting your dreams, revealing the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our guests referred to the following two Bible verses:
Psalm 139
Isaiah 50:4

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