Series 1: Episode 4 – God’s Will

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Introduction to God’s Rollercoaster 

The God’s Rollercoaster podcast is hosted by Hazel Woodward. Hazel lives in Oxfordshire, England. She loves to learn about people’s stories, sharing in their journeys and fostering the belief that not only do our ups and downs make us who we are, but we should hold on to those things and be proud of our journey.

Come and join us – enjoy the ride!

In This Episode: Series 1, Episode 4 – God’s Will

In this episode, we hear stories from four guests: Lydia, Lena, Nikki and Ilona. Each of them shares their story as they ride the rollercoaster of faith, from stress at work to dog walking dilemmas. As Lydia tells us her story of the ups and downs of working life, we hear how God has been her light in the darkness, her way maker. Nikki and Ilona tell us about how God’s immediate answers to their prayers show His care and intervention, even in the most unexpected situations. We also hear how He has reassured Lena to stop making plans, reminding us to surrender to God’s will.  


Trigger warning 


This episode includes discussion around stress. 


Resource Links

For information on how to cope with stress at work, a heavy workload, difficult work-life balance or a lack of support in the workplace, Mind share some useful tips in this article.

For a ‘fresh, challenging and compassionate response to busyness, based on the way of life Jesus offered his disciples’, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry offers a ‘practical, personal, and challenging call to imagine new ways that our lives can imitate Jesus’. 



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