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Introduction to God’s Rollercoaster 

The God’s Rollercoaster podcast is hosted by Hazel Woodward. Hazel lives in Oxfordshire, England. She loves to learn about people’s stories, sharing in their journeys and fostering the belief that not only do our ups and downs make us who we are, but we should hold on to those things and be proud of our journey.

The idea for the God’s Rollercoaster podcast was inspired by the first lockdown of 2020. When speaking with God during this difficult time, He asked Hazel what she most enjoyed doing. As Hazel thought about this question, she reflected on her joy of sharing stories and the powerful impact of doing so. With this, the idea for the God’s Rollercoaster podcast was born.

After reflecting on her own faith journey, and acknowledging the rollercoaster ride of discovery, amazement, highs and lows, Hazel started to gather stories from friends, and even people she’d never met, about their journey and encounters with God in their everyday lives. Inspired by these stories, Hazel set up the God’s Rollercoaster podcast to enable her to share these stories with the world. Hazel encourages her guests to share their stories with openness and authenticity, offering encouragement to other people on their faith adventure, riding the rollercoaster of thrills and spills.

Come and join us – enjoy the ride!

In This Episode: Series 1, Episode 1 – God As Our Father

This episode includes stories from three guests as they each share their stories of how God has interacted with them, showing His deep care for the big dips on our journey, but also the small things that are meaningful to us personally. Join us as we follow Denise, Lena and Nikki as they talk to us about how they have encountered God through his many ways of talking to us, His healing and forgiving nature and the ways He purposefully reminds us He is there.


Trigger warning 


This episode includes discussion around suicidal thoughts, domestic abuse and sexual violence.



Resource Links

For a down to earth introduction to equip and inspire your prayer life, Pete Greig’s book How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People is full of honest, hard-won wisdom interspersed and real-life stories.

To grow and deepen prayer life for you and your community, The Prayer Course runs an eight week programme covering topics such as unanswered prayer, contemplation and spiritual welfare.

For mental health support, the Association of Christian Counsellors can help you find a Christian counsellor, supervisor or counselling organisation.


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